It’s Never Too Late To Have A Happy Childhood! To Have A Happy Childhood!

I am a British expat that loves to travel, surf and spend time with my wife Nut and my Dog Patch. I have lived in many countries and been involved in many businesses. Currently residing in Thailand.
I am an entrepreneur, an English teacher and a professional sales trainer. My life has been varied, exciting and full of adventure. However over the last decade or so I was grinding to a halt physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and financially mainly due to experiences that were overwhelming me from my distant and recent past. Unfortunately our beloved Labrador Gucci passed away and it was more than I could take leaving me on the edge of breakdown and in a state of total despair. The final straw.
Thankfully I was introduced to PSYCH-K® and having found it I went on the first course I could find in a location close enough to me which happened to be Singapore. That weekend changed my life incredibly and has put me on a new path that is filling me with joy again and has revitalized my enthusiasm for life.
Many modalities have helped me in my life including Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Reiki, EFT, FTT, Meditation and Counseling but nothing has had such a fast, effective and lasting impact as PSYCH-K®.
In the Basic Workshop I was used as a “demonstration” for the rest of the class and the instructor Facilitated the Transformation of the Perception of a Stressful Situation with me over the passing of Gucci. This took about five minutes and radically changed me from being unable to think about the end of her life to being able to think about it and enjoy the memories of the wonderful 12 years that we had together to the point of smiling instead of having to gasp for air and turn away from people to hide my emotions.
This moment for me was the turning point when I realised that I had to start practicing as a PSYCH-K® Facilitator in order that I could do with others what had been done with me. I believe it was literally lifesaving. I immediately found another Basic Workshop to attend followed immediately by a Master Facilitation Workshop.
My life has changed dramatically since that course in so many ways that it has saved my marriage, enabled me to focus on my businesses instead of living in fear, enjoy the time I have with Patch instead of worrying constantly about how long he has and helped me to enjoy social interaction again. I also plan on surfing again for the first time in many years as things are panning out so that I am in a situation that allows me to.
Not only has PSYCH-K® helped me mentally but physically also and removed my dependence on painkillers, sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medication.
My passion now is working with people helping them to overcome the effects of underlying stress or subconscious beliefs that are affecting their lives and bringing to them the freedom that I now experience.
I am working through all the events in my life that I perceive as stressful and transforming them to events that I can view with ease and detachment and I love to do this with others.
I look forward to working with you to help you share the peace and joy that I now have.
Tommo (Free Your Mind Services).